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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Offer Premium Services at Low Prices?

The traditional dry clean business model involves a central processing facility surrounded by multiple neighborhood pick-up stations — and the costs associated with transporting garments between those locations. Dry Clean Super Center of Bartlett believes that the rising costs of fuel, vans, and drivers have made the operation of neighborhood pick-up stations both inefficient and over-priced. With the exception of leather, suede and heirloomed garments, all of our cleaning is done on site and the resulting savings are passed on to our customers. Additionally, our prices generate more volume than is customary at a traditional dry cleaner, and these savings, driven by economy of scale, are also passed on to our customers.

What Do You Mean by Premium Services at Low Prices?

Dry Clean Super Center of Bartlett is a one-price dry cleaner with the full range of customer services offered by dry cleaners charging more than twice our price. Among those customer services are:

  • Same-day service: in by 9 – out by 5.
  • Covered drive-thru for drop off or pick up.
  • Express bag service with a 24-hour drop box.
  • Same-day service.

What Additional Services Do You Offer That are Typical of a Full-Price, Premium-Service Dry Cleaner?

Dry cleaning and alterations are our specialty. We offer leather cleaning and suede cleaning, as well as heirlooming of wedding dresses, christening gowns, etc. If your email address is in our database, you’ll even receive an automatic email message from us when your order is ready.

What is One-Price Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning experts have suggested over the years that the path to success is paved with customer upcharges. Dry cleaners have been encouraged to invent reasons to charge more to dry clean a jacket versus a blouse, a dress versus a jacket, or a long coat versus a dress. One-price dry cleaning was created in answer to the excessive upcharges that had become common in the industry. With the exception of leather, suede, and gowns, all garments are dry cleaned at Dry Clean Super Center of Bartlett at one price. All comforters, including king comforters, are cleaned at one price.

How Can We be Sure That Your Concept Works?

Dry Clean Super Center of Bartlett is one of  more than 150 Dry Clean Super Center franchises. Each franchise is locally owned and operated, so our customers get the best of both worlds; a proven dry cleaning concept at work in multi-state locations and a local owner personally committed to customer satisfaction.

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